How We Work

BBOS offers a number of ways to work with our clients, with onsite or remote bookkeeping.  Whether you need ongoing or occasional services, BBOS can develop a relationship that works specifically for you.


Some examples of our client relationships:


Paul, a consultant, was flying back and forth between San Diego where his family was living and New Jersey where his clients were located. He needed someone to manage his day-to-day financial affairs.

Specific Services Provided:

  • Quickbooks access.  We set Paul up with access to QuickBooks Online, which provides 24/7 access so he could invoice his clients while we took care of the rest of his bookkeeping. He gave his vendors our mailing address.
  • Accounts Payable.  We input his bills into QuickBooks so he can run a weekly report and tell us which bills he wants to pay.
  • Account reconciliation.  We use downloaded bank and credit card statements to reconcile his accounts on a monthly basis.
  • Reporting.  Paul is able to run any and all the reports he needs using his online access to the file.
  • Submit to accountant.  At the end of the year, we grant online access to the tax accountant to review the books for tax return preparation. The accountant then gives us the adjusting entries for the year-end and we update his file.

Ladies of Fashion needed a new bookkeeper.

Specific Services Provided:

  • Access.  Ladies of Fashion didn’t require access to QuickBooks and only wanted monthly reports of their financial position.
  • Bill paying.  Their bills are forwarded to us, so we can process and mail checks to the vendors.